National Library of Australia, ACT

The origins of the National Library of
Australia go back to the early years
after Australian Federation in 1901.
In 1927 the Library was moved from
Melbourne to Canberra with the
relocation of Parliament.

The National Library of Australia is located at Parkes Pl W, Canberra ACT.

The project enquiry initiated in August of 2012 which was to retrofit the existing fixtures with LED components. This of course had many challenges, partly because it is a heritage listed Government Building. The original luminaires were designed around a specification written by Julius, Poole and Gibson Consulting Engineers in 1966.

The soon to be upgraded fittings were installed for the library’s opening in 1968. In 1969, the Illuminating and Engineering Society of Australia (NSW) bestowed an Award for Meritorious Lighting. The category was Institutional Lighting.

The documentation from the award says “The Panel considered that the National Library set a new standard of overall excellence in the lighting design of a building in Australia”. “The main lobby was lit in its lofty centre section by 4x20 watt surface mounted square opal perspex units in a coffered ceiling. These units could be switched to provide an interesting chess board pattern with only half the units illuminated.” Later it mentions “…the general reference room, its high ceiling with opal diffusers placed in deep recesses effectively screening the light sources…”.

The lighting was upgraded in 1994 with a new retrofit gear tray with no significant energy savings.

Eagle Lighting’s evaluation of the old fixtures was that it had deteriorated due the exposure of the fluorescent lights’ UV; the condition of the gaskets and springs required a proper upgrade. Under our advice, the NLA then requested a new luminaire to be designed and manufactured.

The project had professional advice from a range of professionals including representatives from the National Library, Electrical Consulting Engineer John Raineri and Associates and Electrical Contractors Martin Donnelly Pty. Engineering Manager at Eagle Lighting Australia, Peter Prodromos managed the project from Eagle’s perspective.

The design process Eagle went through was to develop 2 luminaire designs.

Type A – Qty 420 – Eagle Aureled 670x670 Surface Mounted with a Dropped Lens

Type B – Qty 20 – Eagle Aureled 1200x1200 LED Retrofit Dropped Lens

•   Design – Drawing Approval Process

•   Prototype Samples

•   Final design Samples

•   Installation/Approved Samples

•   Full Production

Technology developments:

•   The first prototype luminaire (late 2012) was designed around the Gen 1 QLE panel and driver operating at 350mA – 51W, 5000lm (LED output)

 •   Generation 2 was introduced early 2013 together with a new driver operating at 300mA – 41W, 5000lm (LED output)

•   Generation 3 was introduced in 2014 together with a new variable current driver operating at 250mA – 33.7W, 5000lm (LED output); 

•   The installed product ended up being set at 150mA – 20W total power consumption;

•   Significant energy reduction from 85W to 20W - saving 65W (Type A)

•   Significant energy reduction from 300W to 135W - saving 165W (Type B)