McDonald Lane, Sunshine - VIC

The lighting of McDonald Lane was one of the finishing touches of a community enhancement program and made up part of the Hampshire Road beautification project.

Works were undertaken by the Brimbank City Council and utilised an existing privately owned building within the laneway.

Simes ‘Zen’ was an obvious choice with fittings needing to be surface mounted to the existing red brick façade, coupled with a requirement for a robust glass diffuser designed to last the test of time.  Simes being able to offer a bespoke coloured solution gave the Designer flexibility and allowed him total ownership of the design.

By using Zen, the desired lighting effect was achieved thanks to the sturdy glass lens which sits proud of the fitting. This cast a stunning light glow effect washing back onto the wall, as well as providing direct illumination.

The end result bringing much needed light to the tired laneway as well as reducing undesirable behaviour by encouraging increased foot traffic.  


Lighting Designer: Simon Gullifer (MIES), Rexel Holdings Australia (RHA)


Luminiares supplied:   

Simes square Zen fittings with custom green and blue LED’s