BHP Billiton Tower, WA

EAGLE LIGHTING AUSTRALIA, in partnership with HI Lighting in Perth, supplied a total of 10,000 Fagerhult 1x28W Multifive luminaires, as well as additional Fagerhult Pleiad G2 downlights

With a total of 47 floors and height approaching 250m, the new City Square is a bold commercial development in the centre of the Perth business district. Reflecting the latest thinking in corporate workplace design and facilities, the centrepiece of the development is a tower which will be the new home for BHP Billiton in Western Australia.

The precinct is set to become the new mecca for living, working and shopping. Heritage buildings along the St Georges Terrace frontage give prominence to the development and will be occupied for commercial and retail purposes as well as new concepts in restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Currently under construction by Brookfield Multiplex (also the building owner), the City Square Project is set to dominate the West Australia skyline for years to come.

The Fagerhult Multifive incorporates an Australian designed ‘plug and play’ soft wiring system that enable the control of the DSI ballasts. An integrated air handling register incorporated into the luminaire ensures the ceiling remains uncluttered.

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