67 Epping Rd, Sydney, NSW

The energy and lighting requirements
on this project were for a high-frequency
ballast to assist in worker comfort.

ING Real Estate’s latest development is the distinctive City Views Business Park on Epping Road, North Ryde. This stylish property is a 6,222m², five-level office building with substantial exposure. Incorporated in the design is a striking glazed office facade.

Designed as part of a master plan to redevelop and replace existing buildings onsite. This first development,
‘Building A’ has been constructed to meet a 4.5 star NABERS Design Rating V2.

A high-frequency ballast was a part of the energy and lighting requirements on this project. To assist in worker comfort lighting levels were designed to be maintained at no more than 400 lux for 95% of Net Lettable Area (NLA) on the working plane, lighting power densities were specified as 2.0W/m²/100 lux.

To meet these specifications VOS Group Engineers chose the Enviro luminaire in a 1x28W lamp configuration. The decision to utilise this particular luminaire was based on a number of key factors, the luminaire's performance, and equally the cost effectiveness of the Enviro.

The perforated basket and indirect/direct design of the fitting provided a feeling of space over the large floor plan and assisted in preventing the cavernous effect that can be an unwelcome consequence of using a generic low-brightness louvred lighting option. Selecting a luminaire with a large luminous opening complements the overall feeling of space and offsets the effect of the dark carpet.

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