56 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ

Named after the Titan god of light, 
Hyperion AG is simply outstanding
when it comes to meeting BCA and
Greenstar requirements.

Wellington’s prestigious 56, The Terrace building is set to become a landmark site for Fagerhult New Zealand, supplying over 2,600 Hyperion AG luminaires to the 45 year old office complex.

As office lighting contracts begin to grow throughout the city of Wellington, some through earthquake strengthening, lighting designers and building owners have recently faced a crossroads, deciding on LED or T5.

The Unisys building is set to become the mainstay accommodation for the New Zealand government. The 18 year lease commitment will see the building turn into A-grade office accommodation with seismic resilience. The building will be seismically strengthened to 90% from 70% making it more resistant to vibrations caused underground.

The initial brief Fagerhult New Zealand received outlined an energy efficient, smart looking, easy to install product. Looking away from LED, it became clear Hyperion AG was the perfect choice, with the luminaire’s benefits outweighing other products in the market. The luminaires simplicity and clever engineering impressed Stephenson and Turner, engineers along with Warren and Mahoney, architects of the project.

Named after the Titan god of light and representing its unique reflector, the Hyperion AG is simply outstanding when it comes to meeting BCA and Greenstar requirements. The full body construction means the luminaire can remain in-situ while the lens panel is removed for maintenance or lamp replacement, reducing lifecycle costs.

Melbourne and New Zealand teams have been working through the logistics of importing over 2,600 luminaires. With the project scheduled to be completed in July 2016. The first shipment of ELA products is due in New Zealand soon, with the project being the third Hyperion AG job taking place in the country.


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