Lighting the Modern Aged Care Facility

Published 29 June 2017

At Eagle Lighting Australia we understand that the challenge of lighting the modern aged care facility is in finding aesthetically pleasing and modern luminaires that meet the building’s diverse functional requirements.

In the presentation (link - 7.8MB) and brochure (link - 5.5MB) we present a range of lighting solutions based around common room types that meet or exceed the lighting demands of an aged care facility. These luminaires include a choice of aesthetics resulting in a wide range of high quality, low energy solutions.

The brochure also includes an in-depth look at some of the research examining the relationship between light, well-being and health; an important relationship to consider within the modern aged care sector that seeks to foster longer, healthier, happier lives.

We look forward to discussing with you how Eagle Lighting Australia can provide lighting solutions for your aged care project.