Named after the Titan god of light and representing its unique reflector, the Hyperion Ag is simply outstanding when it comes to meeting BCA and Greenstar requirements.

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Named after the Titan god of light and to represent it’s unique reflector, Hyperion Ag is the perfect luminaire for commercial interiors where there is a need to meet or exceed BCA and Greenstar requirements.

It will accept a wide range of prismatic panels which are located within the luminaire body.

The full body construction means the luminaire can remain in-situ while the lens panel is removed for maintenance or lamp replacement, reducing lifecycle costs.

Hyperion Ag produces a high LOR whilst achieving even luminance across the lens. Using 3.0m x 2.4m spacing, the Hyperion Ag achieves 320 lux with a uniformity of 0.7 and maintenance factor of 0.8. Illumination power density is as little as 4.4W/m2 thereby reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

>>  Seismic restraint kit available

N.B. All photometric, spectrometric and electrical data have a tolerance of ±10%.

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Technical Information HYPERION Ag 1x28W | LOR 107%
HYPERION Ag 1x28W | LOR 107%
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  Product Code Light Source/Description (Nom) Dimensions
  A B C Cutout
  Hyperion Ag EXPOSED T-BAR
EL-HYP-114-_01-___ 1 x 14W T5 600 300 100
EL-HYP-124-_01-___ 1 x 24W T5 600 300 100
EL-HYP-128-_04-___ 1 x 28W T5 1200 300 100
EL-HYP-135-_07-___ 1 x 35W T5 1500 300 100
EL-HYP-154-_04-___ 1 x 54W T5 1200 300 100
EL-HYP-114-_11-___ 1 x 14W T5 600 300 100
EL-HYP-124-_11-___ 1 x 24W T5 600 300 100
EL-HYP-128-_14-___ 1 x 28W T5 1200 300 100
EL-HYP-135-_17-___ 1 x 35W T5 1500 300 100
EL-HYP-154-_14-___ 1 x 54W T5 1200 300 100
EL-ACC-600-000 Plaster Frame Accessory 600 300 102 605x310
EL-ACC-602-000 Plaster Frame Accessory 1200 300 102 1205x310
EL-ACC-606-000 Plaster Frame Accessory 1500 300 102 1505x310
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DSI/STD terminal block -100
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Standard/Fused terminal block -400
DSI/Fused terminal block -500
DALI/Fused terminal block -600
  Diffuser Panel Options Suffix
P19 -100
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