Clarico Up

Is it possible to create a recessed LED luminaire which distributes a very soft light directly onto the floor, vertically on the wall and indirectly on the ceiling - all at the same time?

  • Clarico Up

Clarico achieves the almost impossible, making it anything but square. The thin, soft and expressive shape gives a new twist on conventional recessed lighting. The technical LED solution is optimised with a combination of an opal surface and a microprismatic louvre which plays on horizontal and vertical lines. This approach enables the luminaire to distribute a comfortable light from different angles, as well as producing that coveted ambient light.

Both the Up and Down versions work well when combined, creating an interesting point of difference to your project.

Technical Information
Marketing Brochure 2.5MB Installation Guide 0.5MB
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  Wattage Size System lm lm/W Colour temp Code
Exposed T-Bar
25W 600x600 3600 98 4000k EL-CLA-1100-
39W 600x600 5400 95 4000k EL-CLA-1101-
Seismic Restraint Kit EL-ACC-210-000
  Variation Suffix
Standard 0
DSI/STD terminal block -100
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Tunable White (DALI Type 8) -220
Maintained emergency -800
DALI monitored emergency -801
Organic Response (SN3) -950
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