The 2018 Red Dot Award Winner Skywalker gives a brand new perspective on office lighting.

With a touch of magic, Fagerhult’s skilled engineers teamed up with the Scandinavian innovation acency ‘Above’ to create the next generation office luminaire.

An elegant composition of different shapes that blend into the same luminaire, Skywalker combines minimalism and volume to create a pure Scandinavian expression.

Skywalker is a product of innovation and modern thinking - a willingness to realise a vision. In order to create something new, something ground breaking, there is no room for error; each aspect requires careful consideration and precision.

A characteristic profile measuring only 11.5 mm at its narrowest point and never exceeding 36 mm, not only shows up the slender stylish appearance of Skywalker, it illustrates how the shape embraces all its components with unrivalled accuracy. Where space is maximised without compromise or exception. A suspended luminaire that challenges, where the design demands new technology.

An innovative design follows innovative optics. The newly developed Beta Opti Nano louvre provides high efficiency and optimal light comfort without multiple shadows.

Skywalker is available with direct/indirect light distribution, 40/60 or 30/70, in white or black and with lighting control options such as Tunable White. CRI 90 and CLO are standard for all versions.

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Article: "Skywalker - our brightest shining star"

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