The concept of ELA’s new principles came from an internal conversation with all staff and affiliate companies. When asking what it is they see is important for ELA to move forward, collectively the ELA family came up with “Our People, Our Product and Our Planet”. This serves are a guide to the future direction of ELA as we continue working towards becoming Australasia’s premier lighting solutions provider.


Our Mission is to go beyond the expectations of our customers through the continued development of Our People, the innovation and evolution of Our Product and the ongoing care and protection of Our Planet.


Our Vision is to be recognised as Australasia's premier lighting solutions provider.


Our Values are built around our three core focus areas: 

OUR PEOPLE - We value our people and acknowledge their importance in our continued success. 

OUR PRODUCT- We are committed to offering lighting solutions that go beyond the expectations of our customers. 

OUR PLANET - We place value in protecting the environment and making a positive contribution to our community.