Environmental Focus

Eagle Lighting Australia is committed to providing lighting solutions which reduce a product’s environmental impact over its entire life cycle. This commitment is integrated into all aspects of our services – intelligent lighting design services, energy efficient lighting products and an Australian based manufacturing facility.

Lighting & the Environment

We place value in protecting the environment and making a positive contribution to our community. Our overriding ambition is to limit the environmental effect during the entire life cycle of a fitting, from the development and manufacturing, to usage and recycling.

LED technology & Energy Efficiency

LED has revolutionised the lighting landscape; high light flows ensure superb efficiency and economy, with a life span of tens of thousands of hours.

LED technology not only provides environmental benefits, it allows the life cycle of a lighting system to be greatly extended, making the investment in LED financially beneficial.

As electricity prices rise, low power consumption becomes increasingly important. LED is superior to all other alternatives on the market in terms of energy efficiency and life span.

Global Support

As a member of the Fagerhult Group, we have access to global support, resources and knowledge in all aspects of the lighting industry. The single biggest benefit of being part of this global network is in manufacturing support.

In addition to our Melbourne facility, we have a network
of global support through first class manufacturing
facilities in:
+ Habo and Ahus in Sweden
+ Manchester and Sutton in England
+ Suzhou in China
+ Tettnang in Germany