Multifive LED

The latest generation of the Multifive LED is pushing the boundaries of lighting design

  • Multifiive LED

The latest generation of the Multifive LED is pushing the boundaries of lighting design. Spacings of 2.4m x 2.7m are now achievable reducing total luminaire numbers and W/sqm making it the stand out for efficiency and visual comfort.

With an asymmetrical version now added to the product family, boundary and interior walls become an integral part of the ambient lighting design.

The Multifive LED is the perfect choice for ensuring everyone working within the environment enjoys the benefits of a comfortable and visually pleasing workspace. The double parabolic beta louvre provides unrivalled glare and luminance control to ensure optimal luminance for employees and guests.

By using best available technology and superior optics, Eagle Lighting Australia has surpassed the BCA and Greenstar requirements with the Multifive LED.

» Organic Response Enabled
» Surface Mount
» Plaster Recessed
» Emergency
» Seismic Restraint
» Asymmetric Wallwasher

N.B. All photometric, spectrometric and electrical data have a tolerance of ±10%.

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Technical Information
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  Wattage Size System lm lm lm/W Code
Multifive LED - Exposed T-Bar, 4000K
12W 600x300 1600 1239 107 EL-MLD-1130-
21W 1200x300 2800 2207 107 EL-MLD-1107-
23W 1200x300 3100 2471 108 EL-MLD-1131-
26W 1500x300 3500 2759 108 EL-MLD-1108-
29W 1500x300 3900 3089 108 EL-MLD-1132-
Multifive LED - Exposed T-Bar, 4000K, Asymmetric Wallwasher
23W 1200x300 3100 2471 108 EL-MLD-1134-
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Maintained Emergency -800
DALI Monitored Emergency -801
Organic Response -900
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