Flexitroffer LED

The Flexitroffer LED is a general purpose utility fixture

The Flexitroffer LED is a general purpose luminaire that is suitable for exposed T-Bar and plaster recessed mounting. The combination of a V-shaped reflector and P5 diffuser have been used to mask the harsh micro points of LEDs.

The electronic driver is mounted to the rear of the luminaire, in an isolated thermal chamber. By separating the driver, the LEDs within the luminaire are kept at their lowest possible operating temperature. This ensures that the Flexitroffer LED can offer the longest possible lifetime of its LED components. The expected useful lifetime of the Flexitroffer LED is L80/B50 at >72,000 hours.

The LED boards used in the Flexitroffer LED have been selected to achieve Zhaga compliance. By using this upgradeable/interchangeable LED solution the boards are easily replaced/upgraded to take advantage of the latest available LED technology and energy savings.

» Plaster recessed
» Organic Response Enabled
» Seismic Restraint
» Surface Mount

N.B. All photometric, spectrometric and electrical data have a tolerance of ±10%.

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Technical Information
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  Row/s Wattage Size System lm Colour temp Code
Exposed T-Bar, P5 Diffuser
1 12 600 x 300 1650 4000k EL-FTL-2102
1 19 1200 x 300 3018 4000k EL-FTL-2101
1 24 1500 x 300 3867 4000k EL-FTL-2104
2 20 600 x 600 3018 4000k EL-FTL-2103
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Standard/Fused terminal block -400
DALI/Fused terminal block -600
Organic Response -900
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