Cleanroom LED IP44 CRI 90+

A range of luminaires developed for specialist 'cleanroom' applications

  • Cleanroom LED IP44 CRI 90+
  • Cleanroom IP44 Rated LED 660x660
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The CR44L is available in CRI 90+ as standard. This ensures excellent colour rendition, particularly in environments where correct colour is critical eg. laboratories, hospitals and medical centres. It can also assist healthcare workers to detect cyanosis and other colour changes in the skin or body tissues, the Cleanroom IP44 Cyanosis LED is COI compliant. (Cyanosis Observation Index 2.2).

The LED boards used in this Cleanroom luminaire emit an increased amount of light between 620 and 700 nanometres (red wavelength) compared to standard LED boards. This range of light is optimal for detecting changes in skin tone. Dimming the luminaire does not affect its COI compliancy.

The wipe-down Delta diffuser is made up of a micro-prism louver in acrylic (PMMA) with a thin opal diffuser on the inside. This provides excellent glare control whilst delivering optimal lumens out of the luminaire.

The Cleanroom range of luminaires has been developed to meet the requirements of specialist installations, where the luminaire requires protection against contamination. This range is rated IP44 from all angles.

Seismic restraint enabled.

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»  Surface Mounted
»  Top Access
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»  Emergency
»  Non Monitored Emergency
»  DALI Monitored Emergency


Total Luminaire Efficacy Maximum, 96lm/w (CRI 90+)
MacAdam 3 SDCM (Initial)
CRI 93
Lifetime L90/B10/up to 69,000 hrs
System guarantee 5 years
30W: 1.26W/m2/100 lux
47W: 1.32W/m2/100 lux

Technical Information
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  Product Code
  Dimensions Wattage System lm Lum lm lm/W K CRI Cutout
  Cleanroom LED: Bottom Access Plaster Recessed
EL-CR44L-1102-_ 1220 x 330 30 4000 2836 95.4 4000k 93 1190x300
EL-CR44L-1103-_ 1220 x 330 47 6000 4277 91 4000k 93 1190x300
EL-CR44L-3102-_ 660 x 330 17 2000 1422 83.4 4000k 93 630x300
EL-CR44L-3103-_ 660 x 330 25 3000 2059 83.4 4000k 93 630x300
EL-CR44L-5102-_ 660 x 660 30 4000 2872 96.2 4000k 93 630x630
EL-CR44L-5103-_ 660 x 660 47 6000 4301 91.9 4000k 93 630x630
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Standard/Fused terminal block -400
DALI/Fused terminal block -600
Maintained Emergency -800
Maintained DALI Monitored Emergency -801
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