Pleiad G3 Compact CRI90 (COI Compliant).

Designed to assist health care workers to detect cyanosis and other colour changes in the skin or body tissues, the Pleiad G3 Compact CRI 90 (COI compliant). 



Recessed mounting in unventilated or ventilated ceilings. Separate ballast and installation clip for easy and tool free installation supplied as standard.An assembly plate must be used when mounting on soft tile ceilings. The luminaire must not be covered with insulation. 


Connections are made to an independent LED driver. The luminaire is delivered with interconnecting cable.


Luminaire body in black cast aluminium. Visible reflector ring in white PC plastic (RAL 9003).


Reflector in either specular or matt anodised aluminium. Specularmetallised Advanced Anti-GlareControl ring above the LED module.Mechanical shielding 25°.


3000 K/4000 K: Ra (CRI) min. 90,MacAdam 3 SDCM.

N.B. All photometric, spectrometric and electrical data have a tolerance of ±10%.

Technical Information
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  Product Code
  Driver Option Wattage System lm lm lm/W K CRI COI Dimensions
  Pleiad G3 Compact CRI 90 (COI Compliant).
EL-77888-9 11 1100 707 67.2 4000k 94+ 1.5 183
FG-99148-9 Fixed Output 11 1100 707 67.2 4000k 94+ 1.5 183
FG-99147-9 Dali or Touch Dim 11 1100 707 67.2 4000k 94+ 1.5 183
EL-77893-9 19 2000 1315 69.6 4000k 94+ 1.7 183
FG-99162-9 Fixed Output 19 2000 1315 69.6 4000k 94+ 1.7 183
FG-99161-9 Dali or Touch Dim 19 2000 1315 69.6 4000k 94+ 1.7 183
Opal IP54: White 41860
Opal IP54: Grey 41864
Opal IP54: Matt Aluminium 41868
Retrofit Kit 41339
Ceiling Support: 600mm 41958
Ceiling Support: 625mm 41959
Sloping Ceiling Cylinder 41638
Antiligature Kit WH-MALKIT
Tool required for Antiligature Kit WH-HAL-KEY
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