Orion Tilt

A recessed, LED downlight that can be tilted, perfect for accenting design elements in an environment

An easy to install, efficient and elegant LED downlight designed to be used across a broad range of applications where an affordable, no-fuss but beautiful solution is needed.

The Orion Tilt has an adjustable gimble so the light beam can be directed to best accent any design elements within an environment.

The LED module of the Orion distributes a highly uniform symmetrical beam with no visible striations.

The fitting can be re-lamped with a simple twist-lock, which means it is easy to maintain and you can rest easy that lamps will always be available for your fitting no matter how much LED technology progresses.


+ Available in white or stainless steel

+ Beam angle 24° or 40°

+ Colour temperature 3000K or 4000K

Technical Information
Installation Guide 0.5MB
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  Product Code Light Source/Description (Nom) Dimensions
  CRI A B Cutout
  Orion Tilt 24° White
EL-ORI-324-230-000 11W, 900LM, 3K 90+ 105 55 90
EL-ORI-424-230-000 11W, 900LM, 4K 90+ 105 55 90
EL-ORI-324-330-000 11W, 1200LM, 3K 80+ 105 55 90
EL-ORI-424-330-000 11W, 1200LM, 4K 80+ 105 55 90
  Orion Tilt 40° White
EL-ORI-340-230-000 11W, 900LM, 3K 90+ 105 55 90
EL-ORI-440-230-000 11W, 900LM, 4K 90+ 105 55 90
EL-ORI-340-330-000 11W, 1200LM, 3K 80+ 105 55 90
EL-ORI-440-330-000 11W, 1200LM, 4K 80+ 105 55 90
  Driver Options
EL-99011 LED DRIVER LCI 015/0350 E020 120-240V C/W FLEX AND PLUG - NON DIM
EL-99012 LED DRIVER LCAI 015/0350 A020 ONE4ALL 220-240V C/W F&P - DALI/DSI
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