A continuous lighting system developed for alcoves and pelmets, to provide uniform lighting

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The Pelmet lighting system offers an economical yet efficient method of providing an even distribution of light in pelmets and coves.

The offset lamp holders allows for simple overlapping of lamps to ensure even illumination with no ‘black spots’.

The Pelmet light is complete with make and break 3 or 5 pole connectors for ease of installation. Available in dimmable and non-dimmable variants.

Technical Information
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  Product Code Light Source/Description (Nom) Dimensions
  A B C D E
EL-PMT-114-100-___ 1 x 14W T5 575 85 60 65 65
EL-PMT-124-100-___ 1 x 24W T5 575 85 60 65 65
EL-PMT-128-100-___ 1 x 28W T5 1175 75 50 65 65
EL-PMT-154-100-___ 1 x 54W T5 1175 75 50 65 65
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DSI/STD terminal block -100
DALI/STD terminal block -200
1-10V/STD terminal block -300
Standard/Fused terminal block -400
DSI/Fused terminal block -500
DALI/Fused terminal block -600
1-10V/Fused terminal block -700
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