Batten Slimline

A general purpose slimline batten for semi-industrial applications

  • Batten Slimline

A general purpose slimline batten suitable for ‘back of house‘ applications such as plant rooms, workshops, pelmets, basements and store rooms etc.

Technical Information
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  Product Code Light Source/Description (Nom) Dimensions
  A B C
EL-BAT- 114-100-___ 1 x 14W T5 570 35 55
EL-BAT- 214-100-___ 2 x 14W T5 570 70 55
EL-BAT- 128-100-___ 1 x 28W T5 1170 35 55
EL-BAT- 228-100-___ 2 x 28W T5 1170 70 55
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DSI/STD terminal block -100
DALI/STD terminal block -200
1-10V/STD terminal block -300
Standard/Fused terminal block -400
DSI/Fused terminal block -500
DALI/Fused terminal block -600
1-10V/Fused terminal block -700
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